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Stanley Arnold.
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air quality, stack testing and analysis, sorbent injection
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air quality, stack testing and analysis, sorbent injection
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Stack Testing for Complex Air Quality Solutions

Compliance Engineering Services
trona sorbent injection hydrated limeSouthern Air Solutions’ background in air emissions measurement, air permitting, air dispersion modeling, air pollution control engineering and design enable us to approach your ICI Boiler NESHAP compliance challenges with a comprehensive understanding of complex air regulatory issues. We have worked exclusively on air quality related projects for the past 20 years.

Southern Air Solutions conducts full-scale multi-pollutant control (MPC) demonstrations using multiple sorbent medias and reagents (PAC, trona, sodium bicarbonate, hydrated lime, chemical Hg oxidants) individually, and in combinations, for mitigation of acid gases, metals and Hg.
trona hydrated lime sorbent injection
APC Performance Testing
Our extensive source emissions testing experience enables us to effectively use this vital diagnostic tool for evaluating air pollution control system performance. Whenever problems arise you need an organization with people who have the experience and capabilities to provide solutions to your unique air pollution control problem.

APC Source Testing Services
• Wet Methods
- Speciated Hg by OHM
- SO3
- HCl/HF, Cl2/F2
- Metals
- PM2.5/10/CPM (by dry impinger)

• Dry Methods
- Total Hg by M30B (Sorbent Trap)

• Mobile Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS)
- SO2, NOx, CO, THC
- FTIR - HCl, HF, NH3

• Gas Chromatography

• Solids/Liquids Sampling
- Coal - Ult/Prox, Cl, GCV, Ash
- Ash - TCLP, Trace Metals, Cl, LOI
- FGD - Slurry/Bblowdown

Single & Multiple Pollutant Projects

SO3 Control Project - 3 Electric Utilities
Conducted SO3 emissions by NCASI Method 8A at multiple points throughout each APC system to determine SO3 generation profiles. Provided SO3 testing services for various SO3 dry sorbent injection mitigation trials.

HCl Control Demonstration - Electric Power Cooperative
Portable hydrated lime injection full scale demonstration on a 300 MW circulating fluidized bed (CFB) coal-fired electric power plant equipped with a flash dryer absorber (FDA) and fabric filter baghouse (FFBH) for multi-pollutant control of HCl, HF, SO2, SO3, and metals.

Testing included air pre-heater inlet and FFBH outlet sampling for halogens with next-day analytical results. Result of injections was a reduction of halogen acid gases to levels less than 1 ton/yr. Boiler limestone injection was reduced supplemental lime was injected to the FDA for control of SO2. Result was 40% reduction in limestone usage rate (80 klb/hr to 50 klb/hr) with a co-benefit 20% reduction in NOx emissions.

Activated Carbon Injection System – Generating Station
Startup performance testing of an activated carbon injection (ACI) system/pulse jet fabric filter (PJFF) for a 400 MW coal-fired electric power plant for removal of Hg from flue gas. Testing consisted of concurrent Ontario Hydro Method (ASTM D6784-02) sample trains at the economizer outlet and stack for demonstration of total system vapor phase Hg removal (90%) or emission limit at the stack 0.6 lb/TBtu. All OHM analytical was conducted on-site with results within 24 hours. System performance was successfully demonstrated.

Dry Sorbent Injection Field Trial - Electric Utility
Conducted mobile full scale trona and sodium bicarbonate injection trial on a 550 MW PRB coal-fired utility boiler. Installed and operated three full scale dry alkali sorbent injection systems delivering trona and sodium bicarbonate into boiler post-combustion flue gas up to 18 tons/hr for removal of SO2 and HCl. Boiler was equipped with ESP. SO2 removal exceeded 80%.

Multi-Pollutant Control Demonstration Testing - Electric Utility
Trona and powder activated carbon (PAC) injection full scale demonstration on 320 MW and 100
MW coal-fired electric power plants for removal of SO2, SO3, HCl, and Hg. Testing was conducted in three coal campaigns including CAAP coal (bituminous), PRB (sub-bituminous) and Adaro (Indonesian sub-bituminous). Testing included unit inlet and outlet (stack) continuous mercury monitoring system (CMMS) in conjunction with OHM at the inlet and outlet. All OHM analytical was conducted on- site with results within 24 hours. Injection studies were conducted to optimize trona and PAC injection rates for maximum removal of multi-pollutants. Impact to PM2.5/10/CPM was evaluated. Impact to speciated VOC emissions was evaluated.

Condensable Particulate Matter Evaluation at Ethanol Plant – BioEnergy Electric Utility
Evaluation of condensable particulate matter (CPM) emissions on a PRB coal-fired industrial boiler at an ethanol production facility. Boiler was equipped with selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) for NOx reduction. Optimized NH3 injection to minimize slip and trona to minimize SO2 emissions. Utilized new proposed EPA Method 202 (a.k.a. OTM-28 dry impinger method) which resulted in significantly reduced artifact particulate matter (AMP) in CPM results (by as much as 70%). Tuning of APCD systems plus implementation of new Method 202 demonstrated compliance to rigid CPM emission limits.

Selective Catalytic Reduction Tuning Services - Electric Utility
Startup tuning of new SCR for a 620 MW PRB coal-fired electric generating unit. Developed algorithm for adjusting ammonia injection grid (AIG) to produce consistent target NOx reduction efficiencies across the entire catalyst discharge area while minimizing NH3 from the unit. Result was an optimized AIG with minimized NH3 slip.

Activated Carbon Injection System – Electric Utility
Activated carbon injection full scale demonstration involving several vendor grades of PAC. Testing included inlet and outlet Hg CEMS in conjunction with OHM at the inlet and outlet. All OHM analytical was conducted on-site with results within 24 hours. Final product was performance curves for each grade of PAC.

Trona Demonstration Test – Electric Utility
Trona and sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS) injection full scale demonstration on a 250 MW coal-fired electric power plant for removal of SO3 and Hg from flue gas. Testing included FGD inlet and outlet continuous mercury monitoring system (CMMS) in conjunction with OHM (Ontario Hydro Method) at the inlet and outlet. All OHM analytical was conducted on-site with results within 24 hours. Testing for SO3 by NCASI Method 8A with on-site analysis by ion chromatography. Injection program was for the evaluation of trona for the removal of SO3 (blue plume) emissions and reduction of Hg re- emissions from wet FGD.

Hg Sorbent Trap Monitoring - Electric Utility
Hg sorbent trap monitoring as part of EPRI research project deploying novel air pollution control technology to a flue gas slipstream from a 400 MW PRB fired utility unit. Very low Hg concentrations necessitated extended sample run times and close attention to trap analytical quality assurance. Result of project was demonstration of highly effective field pilot scale pollution control system (very low Hg emissions not measurable by OHM).

Trona Demonstration for HCl & SO2 Control - Cement Kiln
Mobile full scale trona injection demonstration project for control of HCl and SO2 emissions from a Portland cement kiln. Trona was milled on site and injected into cement kiln final baghouse. SAS conducted trona injection and stack emissions testing. Testing was for Hg by EPA Method 30B (speciation traps), HCl by Method 320 (FTIR) and M26A (including PM fraction). Result was removal of HCl and SO2 up to 99%. Performance with unmilled trona was also evaluated. Compliance with the low Portland Cement HCl MACT limit was successfully demonstrated.

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