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Stanley Arnold.
Sr. Project Manager

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air quality, stack testing and analysis, sorbent injection
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air quality, stack testing and analysis, sorbent injection
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Air Quality Solutions for Pharmaceutical

petrochemical stack testing air quality complianceSAS air quality engineers provide source emissions testing services for the petrochemical industry. SAS specializes field gas chromatography coupled with flame photometric detection (GC/FPD).

- EPA Methods 15 and 16
- GC/FPD contained in a mobile laboratory
- RATA testing of fixed TRS CEMS
- Compliance/performance testing
- Long term GC systems for extended compliance monitoring.

SAS leadership in criteria and hazardous air pollutant measurements is a result of over 70 combined years of experience in performing air emission measurements for industrial, commercial and government clients. Our expertise enables us to successfully conduct newly promulgated EPA test methods (e.g., PM2.5/CPM or FTIR).

SAS conducts comprehensive (inlet/outlet, fuel, ash) Hg and multi-pollutant emissions testing programs for coal-fired boiler operations. SAS provides field gas chromatography testing for TRS from refinery and speciated VOC for organic pharmaceutical operations.

The complete range of services offered by SAS includes:

Compliance Testing:
- EPA Reference method testing
- RATAs (Part 75)
- Multi-pollutant control full-scale field trials
- Air pollution control equipment evaluation, design and startup/commissioning
- Ambient air monitoring
- Air permitting and regulatory compliance support
- Emissions inventory programs
- Fugitive emissions programs
- Indoor air quality evaluations

- SCR tuning
- ESP/FFBH PM efficiency
- APH performance
- FGD performance (WFGD, SDA)
- DSI performance
- ACI performance

SAS Pharmaceutical Projects

Speciated VOC by Field Gas Chromatography
VOC Process Content - Squibb
Mobile field gas chromatography (GC) with multiple detectors for measuring VOC content of process vent and RTO, fume thermal oxidizer and other combustion source emissions. Reference method used for compliance testing was EPA Method 18. Sample gas was continuously extracted from the source using heated sample line and conveyed to the GC which was contained in a mobile laboratory.

RATA and Compliance Testing Services
Two Large Diesel-Fired Generators for Eli Lilly & Co., Puerto Rico
RATA and compliance testing for NOx and SO2 CEMS for two large diesel-fired electric generators used for electric power generation of pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. RATA testing of several small (<10 MW) peaking natural gas-fired combustion turbine generators (CTG) in New York City. Compliance testing of several small oil-fired CTGs for a major communications company.

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