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Stanley Arnold.
Sr. Project Manager

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air quality, stack testing and analysis, sorbent injection
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air quality, stack testing and analysis, sorbent injection
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Air Quality Solutions for Cement Production & Kilns

trona sorbent injection hydrated limeCompliance Engineering Services
Southern Air Solutions’ background in air emissions measurement, air permitting, air dispersion modeling, air pollution control engineering and design enable us to approach your ICI Boiler NESHAP compliance challenges with a comprehensive understanding of complex air regulatory issues. We have worked exclusively on air quality related projects for the past 20 years.

Southern Air Solutions conducts full-scale multi-pollutant control (MPC) demonstrations using multiple sorbent medias and reagents (PAC, trona, sodium bicarbonate, hydrated lime, chemical Hg oxidants) individually, and in combinations, for mitigation of acid gases, metals and Hg.

Avoid Costly Wet & Dry FGD Technologies
To comply with the final ICI Boiler and Portland Cement Kiln NESHAP standards, owners and operators are exploring these lower capital/operating cost systems as alternatives to more Direct Sorbent Injection (DSI) traditional costly technologies such as dry and wet FGD.

trona hydrated lime sorbent injection APC Performance Testing
Our extensive source emissions testing experience enables us to effectively use this vital diagnostic tool for evaluating air pollution control system performance. Whenever problems arise you need an organization with people who have the experience and capabilities to provide solutions to your unique air pollution control problem.

Sorbent Injection Experience = APC Solutions
As companies continue to address air quality issues associated with the Clean Air Act, SAS provides comprehensive air testing and engineering services to meet specific needs with emphasis on data quality and professional service. SAS leadership in criteria pollutant and hazardous air pollutant measurements is a result of over 45 combined years of experience in performing air emission measurements for industrial, commercial and government clients.

APC Source Testing Services
• Wet Methods
- Speciated Hg by OHM
- SO3
- HCl/HF, Cl2/F2
- Metals
- PM2.5/10/CPM (by dry impinger)

• Dry Methods
- Total Hg by M30B (Sorbent Trap)

• Mobile Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS)
- SO2, NOx, CO, THC
- FTIR - HCl, HF, NH3

• Gas Chromatography

• Solids/Liquids Sampling
- Coal - Ult/Prox, Cl, GCV, Ash
- Ash - TCLP, Trace Metals, Cl, LOI
- FGD - Slurry/Bblowdown

Direct Sorbent Injection Projects

Trona Demonstration for HCl & SO2 Control - Portland Cement Kiln
Mobile full scale trona injection demonstration project for control of HCl and SO2 emissions from a Portland cement kiln. Trona was milled on site and injected into cement kiln final baghouse. SAS conducted trona injection and stack emissions testing. Testing was for Hg by EPA Method 30B (speciation traps), HCl by Method 320 (FTIR) and M26A (including PM fraction). Result was removal of HCl and SO2 up to 99%. Performance with unmilled trona was also evaluated. Compliance with the low Portland Cement HCl MACT limit was successfully demonstrated.

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